After School K-5

New Programs Offered

Supervised Online school session, HW help, Extra curricular activities (8am to 6pm)
Supervised Online school session, HW help (8am to 3pm)
Supervised Online school session (8am to 1pm)

Start Date – August 17, 2020

Students will need to bring their own device for the online session.
Afternoon snacks will be provided. Students need to bring a morning snack and lunch.

Current offerings are designed by keeping the following things in mind

  • Local schools will be starting with online instructions
  • Children and parents need to keep track of their online schedule
  • Children need to stay focused during online instructions
  • School Homework will be assigned on Google classroom

Tulip Teachers Will:

  • Make sure that children are doing what they are supposed to do and not spending time on YouTube or something else
  • Be there to provide any guidance or help with HW
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for children to socially engage with their peer group
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