Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad Training 2015 - 2016

Tulip After School is proud to announce the Math Olympiad enrichment program. This program will run for the entire academic year.

What will be taught in this Math Olympiad class?

  • Problem Solving strategies
  • Creative and challenging Math problems
    • Develop Mathematical flexibility problem solving
    • Strengthen Mathematical intuition
    • Foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • Mind Memory Map techniques to enhance memory, retention, and effective note taking.
  • Engineering perspective drawing to visualize problems and effectively convey ideas
  • Socratic method based teaching full of inquiry, questioning, and group discussion
  • Public speaking and group discussion skills

We coach as well host 5 Math Olympiad contests.
We will also coach for AMC 8 and Math Kangaroo contests in this class.


$800 for 30 sessions from mid October 2015 till mid June 2016
Who: Students in Grades 4 to 8
When: Classes start on October 24th
Where: Tulip After School, 1247 S. Mary Av. Sunnyvale

Parent Info Session

Meet the instructor, understand the approach, and ask questions!
Sunday October 18th, 6 – 7pm : Tulip, 1247 S Mary Ave, Sunnyvale
Reserve your seat from the EventBrite Link at

For more information email