After School 6-8

Now Enrolling for Fall 2017

Tulip is offering after school program especially designed for middle school students. The program offers a variety of activities which includes but not limited to

  • Math Concepts/Language Arts in line with Common Core tasks
  • Weekly Research Topics, independent study , analysis and research
  • Choice enrichment activities
  • Optional – Computer Learning (Graphic Arts, Programming)
  • Physical activities (Yoga, Team building activities)
  • Organizational skill development
Why after school for middle school students ? (Click here for answer)

While many middle school-aged students begin to explore independence, they may not choose to wisely use their free time after school. Tulip After School will provide students with the opportunity to maximize their free time in a safe, guided, and supervised environment so that they will

  • stay engaged with academics;
  • prepare for the challenges of high school and beyond; and
  • develop into responsible, successful and caring young adults.

Tulip After School for middle schoolers will provide your students with a place to stay engaged with school by providing your students with homework assistance and learning choices as your students explore and build upon their own academic interests. Because a sixth grades success is an indicator of that student’s success in high school, Tulip After School will not only provide your child with educational support, but also academic enrichment opportunities as your middle schooler begins the precarious transition from elementary school to high school. Tulip enrichment activities will provide students with the chance to find success in areas beyond the core curriculum subjects, and we believe that the support and academic exploration opportunities will further engage your children with school and will build in them a confidence to continue to work hard to succeed.

Tulip After School will provide students with tutoring, organizational skill development, project-based enrichment learning opportunities, career exploration, differentiated, self-directed educational experiences, collaborative team-building activities, and technological skill development. While we believe these learning activities will help develop your children into life-long learners, we also believe this combination of learning experiences will be essential in assisting students to continue to develop the problem-solving and resiliency skills they need to academically achieve in a more rigorous, intensive high school setting.

Finally, in staying true to our belief in nurturing “the whole child’s Tulip After School recognizes that middle school youth, in addition to managing increasingly challenging academics, face challenges of meeting social and emotional benchmarks during the transitional years from elementary school to high school. Through Tulip After School’s focus on collaborative team-building activities and enrichment learning experiences, we will provide your student with opportunities to build the necessary social and emotional skills that will help them develop into responsible, successful and caring young adults as they successfully navigate through their own academic and personal experiences.

Middle School Director's Bio: Ms. Sanika Sathe

Sanika comes to Tulip After-School with three decades of experience in the field of education. She was a teacher in India for three years before coming to this country. Sanika also taught at the Johnson City School District in upstate New York for over a decade. She started a program for gifted children and coached competitions for Odyssey of the Mind, an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college.

After coming to the Bay Area, Sanika served for a year as an AmeriCorps member. She ran a reading and literacy program for Reading Partners. She trained community volunteers, assessed students for placements and worked closely with the teachers to enable students perform at grade level. Before joining Tulip, she was an Assistant Manager of Training at Raising A Reader, an early literacy non-profit. She was responsible for ongoing communications with affiliates and facilitated all training programs- including new coordinator trainings, webinars and institutes for coordinators. Sanika earned a bachelor’s in economics and political science and a master’s degree in economics from University of Mumbai (Bombay), India. She also has a master’s in teaching from Binghamton University and holds teaching credentials from both New York state and California. Sanika has a chronic love for words. She dabbles in creative writing and does cross-linguistic poetry translations.