Top After School in Santa Clara at Thomas Road


$500 per month all inclusive (Tuition and Pick up) only from nearby “Don Callejon School” in Santa Clara.
The offer is open to first 10 students only. Please call (408) 687 5823 to know tuition for other schools being served by this location.



(408) 687-5823





3700 Thomas Road, Suite #107,Santa Clara, CA 95054


STEAM station is a new and unique STEAM program being offered at this Tulip location. please click to learn more.

Program Concept:

Our curriculum arouses and directs a child’s intrinsic curiosity and points the child towards a higher level of thinking. Using state of the art technology, our instructors expose our kids to the various nuances of scientific and technical thinking challenging them at every step to try new things and improve upon their personal best. Our instructors also set the tone for interactions equipping students with 21st century skills as well as exposing them to the essence of STEAM learning that remains unchanged and timeless.

There is heavy focus on learning and performing as a team and gaining social and emotional skills to capitalize on their talents to shine within a team environment. There is however equally a focus on having students try new things – explore and innovate and manage themselves even in situations where they may fail in order to improve resilience and build character.

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