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New Programs Offered

Supervised Online school session, HW help, Extra curricular activities (8am to 6pm)
Supervised Online school session, HW help (8am to 3pm)
Supervised Online school session (8am to 1pm)

Start Date – August 17, 2020

Students will need to bring their own device for the online session.
Afternoon snacks will be provided. Students need to bring a morning snack and lunch.

Current offerings are designed by keeping the following things in mind

  • Local schools will be starting with online instructions
  • Children and parents need to keep track of their online schedule
  • Children need to stay focused during online instructions
  • School Homework will be assigned on Google classroom

Tulip Teachers Will:

  • Make sure that children are doing what they are supposed to do and not spending time on YouTube or something else
  • Be there to provide any guidance or help with HW
  • Maintain a safe and healthy environment for children to socially engage with their peer group


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133 E Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Ms. Sneha Vedula (Co-Founder)
Site Director's Bio

Ms. Sneha received her undergraduate degree (accounting) in India and subsequently earned her MS in Human Resources Management & Psychology from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Ms. Sneha has become a well-recognized figure among local educational professionals, following five years of volunteer work with Dougherty Elementary School, service as a Board Member for their Site Council Team, after-school programs teaching, other after-school site involvements in San Jose, extensive participation & promotion of multicultural events either as a sponsor and/or a performer/ choreographer, and finally, as a teacher in a diverse array of summer camps. Ms. Sneha has also served for several years as a Team Manager of “Destination Imagination” student groups.

Ms. Sneha’s indomitable enthusiasm for interacting with and educating youngsters of all ages is only equaled by her passion for dance and artistic expression through dance forms. She is an extensively-trained, highly polished performer in multiple genres, and also an accomplished choreographer. Ms.Sneha works with many of the well-known dance groups in the Bay Area. As such, she maintains an exciting annual schedule of dance events as a performer and makes a significant contribution to the sharing of heritage traditions and cultural art forms among the diverse peoples of the Bay Area. Ms.Sneha is actively involved in several non-profit organizations in the Bay Area and initiates an astounding level of fundraising activities, as does Ms. Deepti.

Ms. Sneha believes that children should have an opportunity to learn about, and then to actively explore the widest possible range of positive human experiences, and that a well-balanced educational plan should aspire to achieve more than academic growth; That great learning environments will also address children’s needs to develop physically, creatively, aesthetically, socially, and emotionally, hopefully in ways which will be inspiring and FUN for the children.

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Mrs. Titiksha Singh

I was born in Agra, India where I completed my bachelor’s degree in science and master’s degree in botany. Then, I came to California in 2000 to do microbiology and pharmacy. I have tutored kids and I love to be around them! Their questions help me to improve as a teacher.

My goal is to help the children succeed in their classes and improve as a student while enjoying themselves. I’m happy to share your child’s Kindergarten year at Tulip school where we connect students to their unique future! I look forward to building a strong parent-child-teacher relationship at Tulip.

Ms. Devi

I am Shanmughadevi and I have two kids. My daughter goes to UC Davis for Computer Science and my son is a seventh grader in Lawson Middle School. I am passionate about teaching and interested in working with children. I am eager to support students as they learn and grow. My strengths are adaptable, responsible ,patience, child care, organizational skills, teamwork, and computer skills. I did my Master of Science in Computer Science in the University of Madras. I have been living in Cupertino since my daughter started her schooling in Garden Gate Elementary School. I help out in her school by volunteering for her classes in working with  students for writing workshops, art, and other activities. Then, I started volunteering at Faria Elementary School since my son started his schooling in Faria Elementary School. In Faria Elementary School I helped Mr.Fifer(A teacher) by working with students who needed help or extra attention, doing math paper corrections, and in class activities. I have volunteered and worked in the Faria library for four years. Also, I’m working as a substitute teacher in California Tamil Academy. I like to eat outside and like to go on long walks with my family and friends. I also enjoy working here at Tulip and I am hoping to learn more teaching skills to further help many students succeed.

Paola Valencia

My name is Paola Valencia otherwise known as Ms. Paola. I am the 2nd grade teacher at Tulip Kids. A few things about me are that I have lived in San Jose, CA for more than 15 years, enjoy art, hikes and food. I have a bachelor’s in fine arts that I obtain from San Jose State University. Other things that I have done outside of school are volunteered and worked in several schools, day cares, and school clubs. The reason why I started working here at Tulip is because I really enjoy working with kids. I feel like you can learn so much from them. It amazes me how each kid is their own character; their own person and they are all so unique. My goal is to get to know them better and help them in anything they might be struggling with.

John Jeng

My name is John Jeng. I’m from Taiwan originally, but now I live in San Jose. I went to the University of California San Diego for undergraduate and the University of Southern California for graduate school. I’m pretty easygoing and I seldom have to scold anyone. Outside of Tulip Kids, I tutor high school students in English, Humanities, and SATs. My hobbies are writing my novel at local cafés, trying ethnic cuisines at local restaurants, and hiking nature trails.

Gandha Khanzode

A corporate professional candidate who has worked with Investment banking industry for over 13 years. I am used to working in a fast paced and stressful environment which needed precise and accurate decision-making skills.  In corporate world I was regarded for being thorough analytical, result oriented and driven candidate. My corporate career includes experience with J. P. Morgan & Chase [ 12.5 yrs.] and ICICI Bank Ltd [ 1 yr.]  My last role with JPM was as a Vice-President, Investment Banking, Equity Prime Service group.

Over 13 years of Financial Industry experience [Retail & Investment Banking], included various roles within IB-Middle Office, Core Operations & Technology. 4+ years spent in fast paced Equity Derivative Middle Office in Asia [Hongkong + Mumbai] in Trade Support and Trade Management roles. Substantial work experience in global locations including UK, USA [New York], Hong Kong and India.

Since early childhood serving society and local communities was part of life. Prior to Tulip Academy, I had volunteered for Sewa International Inc. for After School Program at Costano School, East Palo Alto. for a brief period. Our aim was to increase the focus level and education keenness among the students coming from less fortunate sections of the society. With Tulip Kids Academy, my 14 years of work experience, acumen and enthusiasm is been utilised to its fullest. I enjoy teaching and learning with the kids.

Personal details

Education: Post-graduation Diploma in Business Management, ICFAI University, Hyderabad, NOV 2004

Bachelor’s in Accounting, Commerce and Economics, Narsee Monjee College, Mumbai University, JULY 2000

Interesting facts: Sports enthusiast, artistic, loves to hike and can make excellent biryanis, Successful 10-day hike and camping at Everest Base Camp in 2014. Born in a family of twins, my maternal grandfather and uncle both had twins and so do I. If you come across someone who looks like me in Washington D.C, then that’s my super talented sister Pushpa.

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