Tulip After school Program

The Tulip Afterschool Program, is a comprehensive after-school enrichment initiative designed to cater to the diverse needs of school-aged children.

Key Features of the Tulip Afterschool Program:

  1. Academic Support:
    • Homework Help: Children receive guidance and support to complete their homework assignments.
    • Math and Language Arts Enrichment: Additional resources and activities are provided to strengthen core academic skills in subjects like math and language arts.
  1. Extracurricular Activities:
    • Arts and Crafts: Creative sessions where children can engage in various art projects.
    • STEAM Workshops: Activities focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to foster critical thinking and innovation.
    • Yoga: Physical activity aimed at enhancing flexibility, strength, and mindfulness.
    • Dance: Including cultural forms like Bollywood and folk dance, promoting physical activity and cultural awareness.
    • Language Classes: Opportunities to learn new languages such as Spanish.
  1. Additional Enrichment:
    • Chess and Taekwondo: Programs designed to develop strategic thinking and physical fitness.
    • Public Speaking and Coding Clubs: Platforms for developing communication skills and technology literacy.
    • Community Service: Activities that encourage social responsibility and community involvement.
  1. Health and Nutrition:
    • Healthy Snacks: Nutritional snacks are provided to ensure children have the energy and focus they need throughout the program.
  1. Safe and Stimulating Environment:
    • The program emphasizes creating a safe, healthy, and engaging environment where children can thrive both academically and personally.


Tulip Kids Academy operates in the following locations in Bay Area, including:

  • Sunnyvale – Willow Avenue
  • Dublin – Grafton Station


The Tulip Kids Academy’s philosophy centers around nurturing the “whole child.” This means addressing not just academic growth but also physical, social, emotional, and creative development. They integrate fun and engaging activities to make learning enjoyable, encouraging children to become lifelong learners​ (Tulip Kids Academy Programs)​​ (About Tulip Kids Academy)​​.

The enrichment activities and offerings can differ from location to location.

For more detailed information about specific programs and availability, you can visit the location page.

Tulip Kids Centers accepts families from various subsidized care agencies (4C, Choice for children etc.). Please reach out to the center you are enrolling to learn more.