Post COVID-19

Safety first to protect our families and staff

As we reopen our centers serving children, all teachers and staff will go through extensive training on health and safety practices we’ve developed to set a new standard in child care.

We continue to work closely monitoring and following CDC guidelines on protocols for centers in Santa Clara county that are slowly lifting some restrictions.

Please read to understand our health and safety measures!

Re-opening Preparation done by Tulip

Staff Training

  • How and when to change gloves and masks.
  • How to look for illness.
  • What to do if you suspect a child may have COVID-19.
  • Drop-off and pick up procedures
  • Teachers wash/sanitize hands before entering the classroom.
  • Teacher to stay home if not feeling well and inform the director asap.
  • Staff to sanitize the high contact surface area regularly and meal area after eating.
  • Staff will not socialize with other teachers from other classrooms.
  • Click lots of photos and share with parents.

Drop-off and pick up procedures

  • We will be limiting the amount of people entering and exiting our center.
  • There will be an assigned area for drop off.
  • Preferably the same parent should drop the child every day, this will avoid any confusion at the drop off time.
  • Parents should have a facemask on.
  • We will have an assigned runner, who will come and greet you.
  • The runner will be wearing a face shield, face mask and gloves. We will use the face mask but do not know how children will react.
  • Parents will let the runner know that they checked the child’s temperature at home and he/she is okay.
  • Runner will then take the child’s temperature, if satisfactory then will go ahead with next checks.
  • Runner will visually inspect the child for any physical symptoms.
  • Runner will verbally ask symptom related questions.
  • Parents leave labeled food, water, and milk bottles on the floor in a bin marked with your child’s name, Runner will collect them.
  • Runner will check-in the child on behalf of parent
  • Parents do not enter the classroom or cross the boundary.
  • Parents do not touch anything else.
  • Any instructions for teachers please email Ms Gee
  • Please avoid hanging out in the drop off area.
  • If another parent is already with the runner then please patiently wait at least 6 feet away from the other parent and keep your child with you all the time.
  • At the pickup time, the runner will bring your child to the pickup area. Please collect your child’s items from his/her bin.Again try and have the same parent pick up the child.
  • Parents should be wearing a facemask.

Classroom procedures:

  • Staff will accompany the child as she/he wash/sanitize their hands before entering the classroom.
  • Lower portions of the body and shoes will be misted with disinfectant.
  • Painters tape to create lines and squares for social distancing, in Classroom, hallways and bathrooms.
  • Same teachers with the same students.
  • Children will wash hands before and after eating, circle time, learning time, lunch, nap and sanitizing spray at departure.
  • Sectioned off areas will be open for play (ex. Blue dolphin block area, Red reading area)
  • Children will have their own scissors, glue sticks and other learning tools in a pencil box with their name on it and kept in their cubbies.

Outdoor Play procedure:

  • Keep separate play time for different classroom children
  • Clean and sanitize play equipment after use

Cleaning Procedure:

  • Frequent cleaning of high contact areas like activity tables, chairs, toys
  • Sanitizing of outdoor play after every group use
  • Sanitize food storage cubbies
  • Daily deep cleaning in after hours
  • Additional cleaning on need basis

Parents responsibilities

For everyone’s good health, please let us know asap –

  • If anyone in the household is sick.
  • If anyone you visited or anyone who visited, you have fallen sick
  • If you are socializing with people without following proper social distancing guidelines.
  • If your cleaners are coming to your house.
  • If you are coming down with something.
  • Wear facemask every time you come for drop-off and pickup.
  • Avoid any physical touch to anything.
  • Avoid talking a lot at the drop-off and pickup time. Keep it quick. Any questions, please call or email the center director.

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