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Program/Center Detail

We offer following programs

Infant/Toddler Program
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Jr. Preschool Program
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Mother – Goose Curriculam & Themes
  • Whole Child Approach
  • Science,Maths,Social Studies,Phonics & Spelling
  • Literacy Development
  • Personal,Social Independence Skill Building
  • Supportive Environment
  • Creative & Curiosity Encouraged




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    1279 Lawrence Station Rd, Sunnyvale, CA

    Mrs. Manikya Valli Rao
    Site Director's Bio

    My name is Mrs.Manikyavalli Rao. I am happy to introduce myself as the new director at Tulip Kids Academy, Lawrence Station Road, facility. I have a master’s degree in Sociology with nearly 30 years of experience in teaching core subjects and specializing in developing appropriate curriculum and a positive classroom environment to ensure cognitive, personal, social, and academic growth. I strive to instill a natural, fun creative process, encouraging each student to succeed in their personal creative goals. I believe in the importance of instilling strong moral codes and social skills in students through innovative teaching practices. I like to encourage children to expression through art.


    Highly believe that every child has the potential to excel.

    Looking forward to serving the Tulip Kids Academy community.

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    Our Team
    Ms. Celina Vasquez

    My name is Celina Vasquez, I was born in Guatemala but moved to California at 6 months of age and have lived in San Mateo, California almost all my life. I enjoy hiking and playing music in my spare time. Seeing new places and nature is my happy place. I also developed a love for the violin when I was younger, and I have been playing for now for over 10 years. Later I took up piano and enjoyed that as well. In my work experience, I have taken different opportunities that I have absolutely loved. I worked as an operations consultant for Sephora for 4 years. This came with so many exciting tasks as well as the opportunity to learn so many things and gain so much knowledge. After my time at Sephora, I began working one on one with children to help with the development of their social skills and speech delay. I found out it was something I really loved. Watching kids hit their milestones and interact with new people and develop those social skills is just an amazing thing to witness. The Tulip Kids Academy has now given me a new opportunity as their administrator, and I am simply loving it! I have loved doing schooling a joining the many clubs they have offered including the glee and Latino club. I graduated but decided to go for another degree and now I am currently finishing up my last and final degree in criminology because I always want to learn something new! I love traveling to nearby places with my family but enjoy a quiet evening at home as well. I am 100% a foodie and enjoy trying all different kinds of foods. I’m excited to see what new adventures come in the years.

    Yesenia Velazquez

    Hello everyone! My name is Yesenia Velazquez (Better known as Ms. Yesi).

    I have been working with Tulip kids Academy since 2018. I started off in the Infants class and slowly moved through the classes and I am currently in the preschool/Pre-K Class. I Truly Enjoy working with every single child and learning how unique and special they all are in their own way. Tulip is my first job in this field, but I had some experience from volunteering at my son’s school and through a previous job that allowed me to give tours to several preschool centers. I have done all my Child Development units through Mission College and continue to take courses and I believe that there’s always something new to learn.

    My Family and I Are originally from Puebla Mexico, have I have lived most of my life in California. I am the middle child. I am fluent in English and Spanish and currently learning some sign language to be able to communicate in more ways with every child. I have two wonderful sons that keep me going. On my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, baking, reading a good book and any outdoor activity.

    Ms. Komal Sharma

    I’m Komal Sharma an incredibly compassionate teacher of Preschool/Pre-K in Tulip, with a very kind and engaging presence around Children of all ages. I worked in Tulip (willow branch) for 3 years. Yours truly is one of their favorites. I care for every child like my own. Children enjoyed my company and treat me as their close friend.

    My philosophy of Child Development is to provide an excellent loving and caring environment for children which is conducive to learning and all-around growth. I have so many 5 Stars Yelp reviews about my great work and love towards all kids. I love doing arts and crafts, dancing is my hobby and cooking yummy food for my family.  I hope you all won’t mind telling me this in my profile.

    I hold a master’s degree in Business Administration from India and have learned about Child Development at De Anza College, Cupertino. In my leisure time, I explore new places and events with my husband and daughter.

    Ms. Martha Osnaya

    My name is Martha Osnaya. I completed my Early Child Development studies at El Chabot College. I have 5 years of experience working as a teacher in the Juniors class at Tulips. My passion is working with children and making art crafts with them.

    Ms. Berenice Ramirez

    Hello, my name is Berenice Ramirez Ruiz, I was born & raised in California, but a majority of my childhood was spent in Jalisco, México. I am 23 years old & trilingual while being intermediate in Mandarin. I have an Associate in Science & a B.A. in Human Development with a concentration in Early Childhood. During my free time I like to bake, plant, go to the gym & overall find activities that keep me on the move. I have been at TKA for 6 months & I look forward to further developing myself as an educator & being able to help children strive to develop to their fullest potential while guiding them in a caring & fun environment!

    Ms. Mai Nguyen

    My name is Mai Nguyen. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have done my Early Childhood Education AS Degree, Associate Teacher (certificate). This is my dream job since when I was in high school. I didn’t have a chance to become a teacher in my country. I have over 10 years of experience as an office Assistant Manager. When I moved to the United States, I thought that I must go back to school and get an associate teacher degree. Although, this time was so hard while I went to full-time school, and was a single mom. But I never stop because I know that when I go back to college. It will help me to get a good job. My goal is to teach and care for children in a daycare setting. My three years of professional babysitting along with my education have prepared me well for the role. I am extremely patient and have a terrific personality. Children respond very well to me and I enjoy caring for them and designing educational playtime activities. I understand children can be messy and know that that is part of their learning process. I would love to come on board with the new place, and I am very excited about the job.

    Ms. Claudia Esparza

    Hi, my name is Claudia Esparza, I have been working with kids for almost 20 years. I have had different jobs, as a Teacher in Childcare, in home daycares and as a Nanny. I recently finished University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, I have 44 quarter units in Child Development, and I have obtained certificates such as one Child Development Assistant Career Certificate, Infant Toddler Development Assistant Career Certificate, Infant Toddler Development Certificate of Specialization, Early Childhood Education Certificate of Specialization and Children with Special Needs Certificate. I have been living in California for 20 years and all my family is in Mexico. In addition, I have been married for 9 years. I don’t have kids, but I consider all the kids that I take care of as my own. It is a blessing from God to work with children. Additionally, God has given me the opportunity to teach in the church too. I really enjoy working with kids, I love my job, teaching them to learn and the principal and most important thing that I like to do is to teach them and encourage them to learn the Spanish language. I consider myself very grateful to do what I love to do which is to work with kids.

    Ms. Magaly Flores

    My name is Magaly Flores, but everyone calls me “Magy”. I speak two languages, Spanish and English. I was born in Mexico, but I was raised in Sarasota Florida. I graduated from Desoto high school with 4.5 honors. I am a mom of 3 beautiful girls. Two of them are in middle school and the third one is in the 4th grade of elementary school. I have a lot of volunteer experience through my daughter’s school. I am an animal lover and, I have a cute cat named Gracy. I have worked with infants and toddlers for the last 4 years at Tulip Kids Academy. I am thrilled and satisfied working with kids.

    Ms. Pushpalatha Venna

    Hello, my name is Pushpa(latha) Venna, and I enjoy belly dancing, sky diving and singing in a rock band.

    Just kidding, I am not a fan of either of them. More seriously, my friends would describe me as an easy going, good listener, kindhearted individual with excellent cooking skills.  I grew up near village with a family of seven. The vast fields bore witness to our curiosity, and as kids, we often took to the backyard for our adventures.  Growing up with a lot of siblings helped me understand the enjoyment while being with kids.  This experience motivated me to become part of young kid’s life hence my current role as a preschool teacher for the past 16 years. Prior to working here, I worked in Tulip Kids, Sunnyvale branch Santa Clara Unified School districts.  Just to give a little bit more background on my academia, have a Bachelor’s in science, also more than 60 credits in Child Development from De Anza. My policy is to continue to enjoy the beautiful ride with children.