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Program/Center Detail

We offer following programs

Infant/Toddler Program
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Jr. Preschool Program
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Preschool / Pre-Kindergarten Program
  • Mother – Goose Curriculam & Themes
  • Whole Child Approach
  • Science,Maths,Social Studies,Phonics & Spelling
  • Literacy Development
  • Personal,Social Independence Skill Building
  • Supportive Environment
  • Creative & Curiosity Encouraged


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1279 Lawrence Station Rd, Sunnyvale, CA

Ms. Claudia
Site Director's Bio

I am the Director, Claudia Vanessa Albornoz-Patzan. I have credentials of 40 plus Early Childhood Education units from San Jose City College. I received a Certificate of Level 2 ECEI had received my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education 2019. All at the same time I work, am a wife, and a mother of our well-known Ezequiel from the pre-k’s.

I ultimately want to receive my BA then MS in this field. I have been a teacher for 14 years with age groups of 6 weeks old all the way to 6 years of age (as I worked for 2 years at Tulip’s Afterschool), and in every teacher position. All this experience has given me expanded insight in how best I can fulfill and understand an infants, junior preschooler, and pre-k’s wants and needs.

It has also given me great knowledge in how to work with a variety of diverse people and how to best understand my teacher’s in their perspectives, as I was one for many years. I had been a Director for two schools before, one being my mother’s (Maria Fushiki) My Dream Academy (placed as one of the top 5 in Silicon Valley in 2012). I also worked for Children’s House Academy Appleseed. I have leveled up through my career and am Blessed to have all these opportunities that I one worked hard for and others came by fate, like when I met the Owner of Tulip, Ms.Deepti. Here at Tulip, my hope is to ensure that myself and my staff will provide quality and equal care and support for every child. Were excited to have you on board!

For enjoyment: I also love fitness coaching, and am on the pursuit to fulfill my Personal Training certificate.

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Our Team
Claudia Patzan
Yesenia Velasquez

My name is Yesenia(Yesi) Velazquez. I am a mother to two handsome boys. My family is from Puebla a city located southeast of Mexico City but I was born and Raised in California, Sunnyvale to be exact. I went to Medical Assisting School and got certified as a Medical Assistant. Worked in the field but after a few short months I realized that was not my calling. Although Tulip Kids Academy is my first official job working with kids I have a lot of volunteer experience through my oldest son’s school and through my previous job as I got to do Tours with the Wonder years Preschool and I am currently attending Mission College to get my Child Development Degree. In my free time I like to bake, go on hikes with my very energetic toddler, go on target runs, or simply stay home and enjoy a nice movie with my family.

Sonia Parmar

My name is Sonia Parmar and I have been working at Tulip Kids Academy from April 2018. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from University of Pune, India. I have also completed a certificate course in Montessori from India. After completing my certification, I worked as an assistant teacher in a preschool for 3 years in India. This experience really helped me grow as a person and fulfil my dream to become a preschool teacher. I got married to one of my close friends and we have a two-year-old son together. After coming to California I completed my certification in Early Childhood Education from De Anza College with 28 units. When I am not teaching I like to travel with my friends and family, dance and spend time with my little one. I hope I can bring in my experience, learnings and add more to the already wonderful staff at Tulip Kids Academy.

Gowthami Kirubanandh

My name is Gowthami, Kirubanandh and I am proud to call Tulip Kids as my second home. My love and affection for kids started from my young age and I always had the interest in kids and their education.After moving to California in the early summer of 2015, I got a chance to work in ADZ Academy (home daycare) in Sunnyvale, California and then gradually completed all my required childcare education and started working in Pre-School.

I started my career as an Infant Lead Teacher and after completing all the child care courses at California College of Early Childhood Education in San Mateo, I got promoted as Sub-Director in Tulip Kids and now I am currently working as the Sub-Director.

I have completed my graduate education in India in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and I am married to Kirubanandh, Rajendran for the last five years and we are a very happy and satisfied couple in all aspects of life.

My favorite times at Preschool is when I’m working withInfants and Toddlers in the circle time, to make the circle time very enjoyable and more interactive.I am very happy and satisfiedworkingwith kids and helping them in their future life. After getting promoted as Sub-Director, I am looking forward for more responsibilities such as successful leadership, operational planning, management of the organization and overseeing day-to-day activities at Tulip Kids.

My favorite past time includes cooking, gardening andriding along the countryside. My favorite color is red, blue andpurple and I love warm weather and beaches. I would like to visit Switzerland and Brazil some day.

Favorite Quote:“To the world you may be a teacher but to yourstudents you are a hero” and also “The art of Teaching is the art of Assisting Discovery”.

Christina Haynes

I am a very caring and passionate person who truly enjoys the fruit of life. I take pride in teaching children all that I can in the time they are in my presence. I have over 16 plus years of Customer Service & Administrative Roles. I have always had a passion for teaching from a young age and throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with several diverse Team Environments that have added to my teaching skills. In the near future I will be completing my College Education in Child Development. I recently had the experience of teaching at a Japanese Bilingual Montessori School in Sunnyvale, CA as the English Co-Teacher which was a great experience for my 1st official Teaching opportunity. Other than teaching I truly enjoy walking trails, reading and writing and watching movies. I also enjoy spending time and talking to my other-half and of course spending time with him, is my favorite thing to do! When time allows I also enjoy spending time with my family & friends. In my spare time I also spend numerous Sunday’s Volunteering at church in our Children’s Department helping children understand God’s greatest gift to us all love (which is compressed of many elements, understanding, forgives, humblenessand many other things). I not only display my caring for children but also for my fellow teachers and staff that ensure that Tulip Kids Academy, Inc. is a comfortable & safe place to come to each day, in addition I truly enjoy engaging with the Parents and Guardians of each day.It’s my honor and privilege to do my job…. always!

Sindhu Nalla

I did Bachelors of Technology(JNTU) from India and an Early Childhood development certification from the De-Anza college. After having children in my life as a mother I decided to be a teacher where I changed my career from technology to teaching and now I am having a great time working with children.
I started my career as a teacher with Tulip kids academy.
I am a lovely daughter of caring parents, a wife of supporting husband, a mother of two beautiful daughters and want to be a good teacher to my children. I love spending time with my family, shopping, Gardening, Cooking!
Learning is the best thing at every stage of life!

Gabi Flores
Claudia Esparza
Alex Ditto
Ashley Carrillo
Martha Osnaya
Joann Pangan

Hi All!! I’m Jo-Ann Pangan born and raised in the Philippines until I was 9 years old. Then came to the U.S. and I grew up in San Jose, California. I have a huge family both sides (mom and dad). I’m also the first-born grandchild for both sides. Growing up I’ve always taken care of my sister and cousins. I have one sibling whom I’m very close with. I have a 4-year-old niece and one more on the way. My niece is my world and I’m her third mom (sister and mom).This is where my passion for caring, loving, and guiding young children became my reality.I’m currently attending Mission College and will be obtaining my Master Teacher’s Certificate along with my A.S.T in Early Childhood Educationvery soon! I have well over 12 units in ECE. I will be pursuing to obtain my B.A in ECE at Pacific Oaks.I’m a Pre-K Teacher for the 3-4years old and love it. I’m here to provide quality care, observe, guide, ask questions, spark curiosity, encourage interactions with friends, and push them to PLAY! I believe through play children will develop and meet all domainexpectations. My favorite quote “Children are our future” (Michael Jackson).

Sindhu Ananth

Hello, this is Ms.Sindhu, Pre-K teacher.. I am blessed to be a wife and a mommy to my amazing daughter. I grew up in a southern part of India(Tamil Nadu). My favorite things to do when I am not teaching are Cooking, cleaning, watching movies and spending quality time with my family . I have a Master degree in English of Arts and Literature and also continued my passion for teaching by receiving Masters in Education. I have 12 units in Early Childhood Education and still pursuing units in California College of ECE, to be a more qualified teacher. It¹s been 4 years with this Tulip family as a dedicated teacher and a happy person.My goal is to go far beyond Teaching. I always want my children to learn more about themselves and the world around them. There is nothing more than to see the face of a child who has mastered a new skill or conquered a challenge. What I do is not just a job but it¹s a gift and I thank God that I can make a positive difference in the lives of the children. My favorite quote:


Swetha Balasubramanian