Best Preschool in San Jose at Cottle Road

Program/Center Detail

We offer following programs

Infant Tuition (ages 0-24M)
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Jr. Preschool & Preschool Tuition (ages 2-4 Years)
  • Theme Based Curriculam
  • Learning through Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Motor Development
  • Social,Emotional,Physical Development
  • Safe Environment
  • Nurturing Staff
Pre-K Tuition (ages 4-5 Years)
  • Mother – Goose Curriculam & Themes
  • Whole Child Approach
  • Science,Maths,Social Studies,Phonics & Spelling
  • Literacy Development
  • Personal,Social Independence Skill Building
  • Supportive Environment
  • Creative & Curiosity Encouraged




    (408) 859 6442





    6097 Cottle Road, San Jose, CA 95123

    Ms. Neeru Sharma


    Ms. Neeru has been passionate about early childhood education and development for the last 20 years. She specializes in early childhood cognitive development programs.
    Ms. Neeru received undergraduate degrees in Arts & Psychology and Education. She earned a master’s degree in Sociology and in order to further enhance her interest and knowledge about preschool education, Ms. Neeru earned a Diploma in Nursery Teaching
    as well as her formal ECE training.
    Ms. Neeru was in charge of the highly-rated San Jose Almaden Valley branch of Tulip Kids Academy from its founding in 2014 till its closure in 2021, helping hundreds of families get access to quality child care. She now brings all of her experience, expertise and love for teaching children to Tulip Kids Academy – Cottle. Ms. Neeru strives to make the center a second home for kids and a place where children of all ages can grow, learn, and explore the world.

    Ms. Natasha Tolbert - Site Director

    Hi! My name is Ms. Natasha and I have studied a variety of Early Childhood Education (ECE) courses and received certifications from San Jose City College, Evergreen Valley College and DeAnza College.

    I have been working with children for 25+ years – since 1996. From very early on, I knew that I wanted to become an educator and have the opportunity to play such a consequential role in the shaping of young lives and minds. I credit my time as an educator as being one of the most rewarding experiences, I’ve ever been fortunate enough to take part in.

    My hard work and dedication did not go unnoticed and I was promoted to Assistant Director in 2007. As the Assistant Director, I ensure that the facility is a fun and safe place for the children to learn and grow during their time with us. Having such a prominent position within the company also comes with responsibilities of the utmost importance. Not only does the Assistant Director aid the Director with the day-to-day operations of the center, but I’m also tasked with and entrusted to carry out the managing of the staff, interactions with the parents and maintaining children’s files.

    My time as an educator has taught me the importance of upholding (5) vital qualities in teaching young children. Being loving, observant, open-minded, passionate and patient have all played influential roles in my career. I love all of my students, every child that I have worked with holds a special place in my heart. I’m observant and quick to notice things and act on them accordingly. Being open-minded allows me to understand that every child is special and unique in their own way. Having a passion for education grants me the ability to always look for new ways to reach and teach my students. Lastly, having patience means that I am always keeping the end goal in mind – I will patiently encourage and redirect my students in all aspects of their learning for the best outcomes.

    Jade Nunez

    Hi. I’m Jade, I work at Tulip Kids Academy in the Infant Program. The most inspiring part of my job is working with children, helping them, teaching them, and playing with them. I love to see children happy and watch them grow! I hope to work with your child soon.

    Monique Perkins

    My name is Monique. I have 9 years of experience in Early Childhood Education as an infant teacher. I am proud to call Tulip Kids Academy my second home. My love and affection for kids started from a young age and I’ve always had an interest in kids and their education.

    Katherine Kirkendall

    I believe we can learn so much from children and I’m thrilled to play such a huge role in their lives. I believe children thrive in an environment that focuses on their independence, provides ample opportunities for free play and exploration, and is led by positive role models that consciously guide them.
    In her spare time, Ms. Kat loves to bake, cook, and spend time with her family and friends.

    Cynthia Pichardo

    Hello, my name is Cynthia. I am a toddler teacher at the Cottle location. I work with children between 2-3 years old. I have been working in child care for two years. I enjoy
    working with young children while having fun, laughing, and playing with them and teaching them to learn and grow as individuals. My goal is to provide opportunities to help children to be self-sufficient at a young age. I am looking forward to working with new children and building a connection.