How You Can Make Preschoolers Aware Of Environment

preschool kids with environment related drawing

Environment conservation is a trending topic across the globe, isn’t it? Why shouldn’t it be? In recent years, humans have made tremendous progress. This progress has been made on the cost of the environment, creating a great imbalance. Several environmentalists and naturalists are working their best to save mother earth. But it is essential to make the future generation aware of the current scenario and engage them in the activities. 

Kids are generally curious about knowing anything new and interesting happening around them. Here are five different ways by which you can engage them in activities and make them aware of the environment – 

Preschool Plays A Huge Role 

For a preschooler home and preschool, both play an important role in inculcating values. Although a kid won’t be able to understand concepts like awareness and conservation. But you can definitely turn these topics into nature-related activities to engage the kids. Preschools and after school programs near Cupertino, CA, ensure to conduct such thought provoking activities. 

For example – 

Gardening is one of the regular activities which is carried out in preschools. Teachers can demonstrate planting activities in the classroom & engage them in watering the plants.

You can also conduct garbage segregation activities in the classroom. Demonstrate to them the different waste segregations and color denotations. Start with basic dry and wet waste segregation. Ask them to follow the same on the premises as well. 

Trigger The Inquisitiveness In Kids

Nature has a lot more to offer when one explores it. Kids turn curious when something interests them. You need to trigger interest in them by exploring nature. Try to visit some nature parks or wildlife areas to explore and learn about nature. Kids would get the opportunity to study different animals. Ask them to identify the animals and try to make this a fun game. 

Isn’t It Fun To Learn Through Activities?

Every home has some unwanted stuff that ends up in the garbage bin. You can try to reuse them and convert them to create stuff. 

For example – glass bottles or unwanted tyres can be used in gardening as pots. The Internet is filled with lots of DIY activities, you can get ideas from there to create your unique stuff. By this, you would be making the recycling activity fun for kids. 

If your kid loves reading books or hearing stories, encourage them to read about nature or listen to some stories. This would increase the inquisitiveness in kids. 

Be An Example

Kids follow the footsteps of their parents and take inspiration from them. So, first, you would need to change yourself to expect a change in your kids. Try to reduce plastic, use recyclable material & handmade paper books. 

  • Make your preschoolers aware of litter and trash 
  • Carry cloth bags while going shopping
  • Ensure you are asking them to turn off lights when it is not required
  • Turn off the tap while brushing and inform the elders if it is leaking 

These small acts can go a long way, and we believe in creating the change that we wish to see. So, we believe that these tips will surely help you to make your preschoolers aware of the environment. You can get more information about our preschool and afterschool programs near CA from our website or you can contact us at (408) 2450602.

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