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Why Choose Childcare For Toddler Development?

Why Choose Childcare For Your Toddler?

The modern age has witnessed a huge spike in working parents. It is a compulsion for parents to work, to give their kids a quality lifestyle. Parents have to go through a dilemma and in such a situation toddler childcare services comes to their rescue, Toddler Childcare Services by Tulip Kids Academy come to their rescue. Childcare not only plays a part in their caretaking but also helps an important part in kids’ overall growth & development.

Toddlers are the kids belonging to the age group of 1-5. This is an extremely critical age in a child’s life in terms of learning, brain development, acquiring motor skills, enriching with values. It is a stage of developing cognitive, motor, and behavioral skills. 

Having said this, how exactly does childcare helps in toddler development?

Reasons To Choose Childcare For Toddlers

1. Doubt of Every New Parent – Is Childcare Service Worth It?

Parents feel it’s kind of crazy to let their kids be managed by someone else. But it’s not! You are sending your kids to certified and professional supervisors who can identify each kid by their behavior. Also, this is a way to pull out your kid from their cocoon at a young age to explore.

Of course, childcare is worth it for your kids especially when you are unable to give them attention while working. Additionally, it is a boon for single parents to give their kids quality care as well as focus on work without being worried. 

2. Devoting Time to Teach Basic Skills

Devoting Time to Teach Basic Skills

Tactile activation, stimulation and play are the keys to starting with motor skill development. For ex- Feeling the texture of sand, playing with clay to make something, using scissors to cut a shape, etc. New and challenging activities keep them engrossed and develop curiosity in them. Including them in even small activities would make kids happier. Activities at childcare are exclusively made for this age group and they get trained to do this.

3. Childcare Enhances Brain Development

We all are born with billions of neurons. But these neurons are helpful only if they establish healthy connections in between them. This formation of new neural connections is vital during the age of 1- 5 years. Because this is the period when the developmental plasticity of a kid is at its peak. During this stage, the brain of the kid can learn to adapt and rewire to its maximum capacity. Numerous brain related disorders can be identified and cured, as their brain is capable of recovery.

4. Explore with safety

Extreme caution is required while playing with a toddler, because they literally taste everything. Accidents are prone to happen! So someone needs to always be around the kids to keep an eye on them. Childcare provides that safety and security at their place. Also, their trained staff try to give one on one attention to kids like that of their home.

5. Childcare Prepares Your Children For The Next Stage of Life

Childcare will become like a daily routine for them, mentally prepping them for a Preschool Classes stage. Once they are accustomed to this it is easy for them to switch to the preschool routine as well. Additionally, the activities at childcare promote cognitive growth and engage their sensory organs. 

6. Childcare Ensures No More Lonely Feeling

Childcare Ensures No More Lonely Feeling

Urban areas have a huge number of nuclear families. The child is just usually accompanied by one or two people at home, max. To complete their work & to keep the kids busy, parents surrender their kids to gadgets. Watching gadgets for a long duration disconnects them from reality & gets them more immersed in the virtual world. On the other hand, at childcare, your kids are exposed to a huge number of peers. Peer interaction improves their social skills as well as interpersonal skills. Even adapting to conflicts with their peers, is a phase in this. 

Don’t worry, we Tulip Kids Academy follow the necessary COVID protocols to avoid any infection spread. Additionally, we make sure to have small batch sizes with flexible shift timings to provide effective supervision.

7. Regulatory Bodies for Childcare

As kids are supervised by childcare professionals, likewise the childcare is monitored by the government before acquiring this status. Due to increasing childcare centers, the government has set a minimum yardstick to get a license to function as a childcare center. This may or may not ensure how good the childcare is, but at least the minimum facilities and requirements won’t be compromised at any cost. 

It is obvious for a parent to be skeptical and scared while deciding for their kids. Childcare at Tulip Kids Academy makes sure to create a homely & nurturing environment for your kids. With peers & the right environment, the feeling of being away from home fades & comfort starts building up. For more information visit our page 

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  • Vivian Black / Reply

    I love what you said about how childcare can make healthy connections between neurons. Before I read your information, I did not know that it was so important when they are only one year old. Since my husband had to change jobs, I have had to return to work. It was very hard not to feel guilty about it. This helps me a lot. When I call for a child care service, I will keep this in mind.

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