How Tulip Kids Daycare Can Help In Reducing Screen Time?

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The exponential growth of technology has proven fruitful to every one of us. During the covid impacted year, the same technology has helped us to stay in sync with academics and entertainment. Eventually, everything has been a boon to humans and a curse too. Kids are exposed to several gadgets like Televisions, smartphones, tablets, and laptops has gradually increased their screen time. Excessive phone usage has led to several issues in children that require the immediate attention of parents. 

Let’s see how parents and daycare near you can reduce the screen hours  

Why Has Screen Time Been A Concern For Parents?

Screen time has induced numerous changes in kids, primarily impacting their physical and emotional well-being. A few of the concerning issues have been listed down here – 

Eyesight Problems

Kids spend most of their time in front of the screen leading to several eyesight problems at a young age. The commonly witnessed issues related to eyesight are – short-sightedness and dry eyes. Neck aches, posture issues, and headaches are bonus problems of this issue.  

Loss Of Human Interaction 

In today’s digital world, kids are so engrossed in their computer screens that they sometimes forget where they are and what’s going on. It has reduced human interactions and makes them feel lonely all the time. 

Behavioral Changes and Attention Span 

Apart from feeling lonely several other behavioral changes are witnessed in the kids including – increased frustration, aggressiveness and lowered attention span. These behavioral changes make them feel exhausted for the day, additionally reducing their concentration power. It also causes trouble in their sleeping pattern which in turn can disturb their entire day.

Absence of Physical Activity 

In recent days, there has been a significant rise in the child obesity rate. The reason lies behind kids glued to their screens and enjoying programs from their couch accompanied by snacks. It has led to reduced physical activity giving rise to weight gain. 

You Can’t Monitor Every Minute Of Their Screen time. 

The digital world is filled with content, and kids are equally super smart to use them. In such situations, tackling and monitoring them every minute can be difficult. Yes, of course, the platforms are available with kid-friendly zones, but it is risky to expose your kids to the online world without adult supervision. Try to use the parental settings to limit content visibility.

What Parents Can Do To Reduce The Screen Time Of Kids?

Limit The Time Kids Spend Looking At Screens

It’s Not Just The Phone, But Apps Too. Online games, social media, and OTT platforms are keeping kids engrossed in the phone. Try to limit their screen time by setting a timer.

Kids Need To Meet Other Kids

Growing kids need to develop their skills for social interaction. A hobby class or a daycare near you can be a great source for developing their communication. 

Engage Them In Enrichment Programs

The preschools near Finch Avenue, Cupertino have various enrichment programs like Basketball, Chess, Gymnastics, etc. You can get them enrolled there, or you can opt for a hobby class too. Either of them will keep them occupied and enhance their skill.

They Should Spend Time With Their Parents, Too.  

Kids often mimic their parents and learn from them. So try to minimize your gadget usage when you are with the kids. Try to spend your weekend with them in a productive way.

How Tulip Kids Daycare Can Help You Resolve This Issue?

By sending your child to a daycare center, you are helping them to develop social skills. In the UAE, parents are opting for daycare centers to get some time to be productive.

Saving In Time 

Once a child sits in front of the screen, they are not aware of the time spent. One notable benefit of daycare kids will be away from screens for a long duration. 

Restricted Zone For Smartphones

Most of the daycares don’t permit mobile phones on the premises. This keeps the kids away from smartphones at least for a few hours. Eventually, turning the daycare into a gadget-free zone. 

Keep Kids Engaged With Hobbies & Activities. 

Toddlers grow and learn daily. All you need is a nurturing environment where someone would monitor your child and keep them occupied. The daycare staff help in developing the cognitive abilities of children by encouraging them to participate in creative play. It helps the child learn multiple things simultaneously, thereby keeping them occupied. Moreover, it is proven that children learn faster through play. Identifying their skills and developing them becomes a crucial part of early childhood learning. 

Social Interaction With Peers

Daycare and preschools are the preparatory phases for your kid. The activities are designed in a way to make the kids interact with their peers and enhance their socializing skills. The initial days would be difficult for them to gel up with the crowd. But eventually, they will learn to socialize with their peers. 
Children learn much more when they play rather than staring at a screen all day long! Daycare can help you overcome this with their activity session and provide a nurturing environment for your child. If you are planning to enroll your child at Tulip Kids Daycare, feel free to contact at (408) 245-0602 or mail us at

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