How Parents Can Resolve The Separation Anxiety In Kids?

How To Treat Separation Anxiety In Toddlers & Preschoolers

It’s 1st day in preschool – kids are dressed up in their school uniform and ready to start a new journey in their life. Yes, their preschool! Kids are excited & at the same time nervous to the core. While you are reaching the vicinity of the preschool gates, Suddenly you will hear a loud crying sound of kids and might see a few kids who are happy as well. Have you ever thought about why kids start crying before entering – preschool or daycare? It is because kids need to move out of their comfort zone and adjust to the new environment and this isn’t easy for them. Here preschool and the teachers play a crucial role in comforting the kid with their nurturing environment. Child psychologists categorize this kind of behavior as separation anxiety in kids. It is seen in kids belonging to the age group of 6 months to 3 years. The cause of this anxiety is that the kids are getting separated from their beloved and trustworthy people and as a parent, one might have come across this situation in many instances – while sleeping at night they won’t allow you to go anywhere. In some cases, your child may not be comfortable talking to a stranger or playing with them. These are a few signs seen in kids with separation anxiety. But it is a normal part of child development. With time kids overcome this anxiety and adapt to their surroundings.

Being A Parent, Can You Help Your Kids Cope With This Anxiety?

Parents are the key players and can help the kids overcome this fear. Apart from that, the well-trained teachers at preschool will provide an environment to make them feel safe and secure.

A Quick Visit To Preschool  

Before beginning day 1 in the preschool, make sure to visit the preschool near you & take your child along, to make them familiarize themselves with the surroundings. It helps them to be comfortable in the new place and form a bond before they enter the premises on the main day. Pick the right preschool for your child, so that they won’t feel your absence and will stay engaged with the activities

Practice Brief Separations 

Take baby steps while doing this particular thing. Introduce them to strangers in your presence and let them form a bond with them. Practice brief separations during nap time, keeping at daycare/ nanny while you go for an outing, etc. These separations will prepare the kids for the future. Practice these brief separations before you enroll your kids in preschool. Otherwise, it could be difficult for you and the kids. 

Comfort them with hugs & Love

While separating, make sure to focus your attention on the kid and comfort them with hugs and kisses.

Activities To Promote Separations

Play peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek activity with your kids, and build a trust that you will return to them in a while. You can use the same trick to say bye to them while dropping them at daycare or make promises. But never sneak out without saying goodbye. Sneaking out without getting noticed by them triggers their anxiety and breaks the trust. Next time even if you won’t be going anywhere, your kid won’t let you go away from them because of the previous experience.

Fulfill The Promises

If you have promised to return by 3 pm or 7 pm, stick to the routine and try to pick them up at the same time. It would fix the routine, and they know when to expect you. Make sure to keep up with your promise and try to form trust with your kid.

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